About Biological Media Services

Biological Media Services 

Biological Media Services (BMS) has been manufacturing microbiological growth media, biological reagents, and cell culture media for the University and the public since 1949. Currently, BMS makes up to 3000 agar media plates a day using automated plate pouring equipment as well as specially hand poured plates and tubed culture media. BMS also specializes in, and focuses on, creating custom medias by working with the customers and researchers to design and manufacture custom media, quickly providing the research scientist media to conduct novel work. These custom medias can by created and delivered to the customers within days, including providing a price quote. 

BMS products are manufactured in environmentally controlled manufacturing areas to ensure a high level of product sterility and quality. BMS offers a vast array of different media that have been developed over the years. BMS also produces cell culture media such as complex amino acid and vitamin solutions used in molecular / cellular biology as well as many plant biology applications. 

For many years BMS has provided these products to the Vet Med Teaching Hospital (VMTH), Vet Med Teaching and Research Center (VMTRC), California Animal Health and Food Safety laboratories (CAHFS), and many other departments throughout UC Davis and externally to independent veterinary diagnostic clinics and universities located throughout the United States